COVID-19 dr deb office update 3/17/20

We all need to do our part to #flattenthecurve of the spread of this potentially deadly virus. It is time to make the transition from in-office therapy to phone therapy.

I have chosen to work via phone rather than video because it is a format I’ve practiced a great deal over the years, and I find it to be very effective. I can be deeply connected and attuned without the distraction of a screen.

Send me an email: drdebbernstein@gmail.com with your phone number and I’ll call you at the appointment time. Depending on my landline’s battery life, I may call from my office line or from a blocked landline.

Be assured that I will be in a private space, so your confidentiality is insured on my side. You will need to take whatever steps necessary to protect your privacy in your location.

Let’s all strive to be careful and planful. This situation is difficult, and we all need to work together to manage it. It is an opportunity to practice acceptance and good care of ourselves and others.

dr deb
Dr. Deborah Bernstein is a licensed psychologist who has been in clinical practice in the Village of Warwick, New York for 29 years. Her approach to psychotherapy can best be described as “integrative,” combining cognitive behavioral techniques, family systems based interventions, mindfulness/guided meditation, and insight. Dr. Deb treats individual adults and older adolescents. Clients come for therapy to address stress, anxiety/fear, depression, grief/bereavement, relationship or sexual issues, eating/body problems, academic or career difficulties, self-esteem, or parenting concerns.

Most people seek therapy because they dislike the way they feel. The reason they need help is that it is very difficult to modify feelings directly. Therapy helps clients to figure out how to change their thoughts and behavior in ways that produce improvements in mood and energy. Dr. Bernstein is a seasoned clinician who is highly skilled both in the provision of a “traditional” therapy model and in focused single-session or short-term approaches. © Copyright Dr Deb Bernstein | All rights reserved.