Dr. Bernstein provides psychotherapy to treat a variety of life issues and concerns, including: anxiety, depression, relationship problems (including sexual issues), parenting issues, and stress. Her approach can best be described as an integration of cognitive-behavioral (CBT) and insight-oriented with a strong mindfulness component. Her style is warm and active. She strives to be both compassionate, and honest.

If you decide to schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Deb, this face-to-face initial meeting will take one hour. The fee is $150. During this meeting, you will be asked questions that will allow the therapist to evaluate your concerns, get a sense of their context in your life, and make recommendations as to how best to proceed. This may include new things to do, reading, or other homework, as well as consulting with another therapist or health professional. Dr. Deb suggests that you take time to integrate what you have discovered, shared and learned in your consultation and then decide whether you think it would be useful to meet again. Choosing a therapist is an important decision; it is useful to take your time and consider all your options. It is often helpful to schedule meetings with more than one therapist so you can “comparison shop.”

Appointments are made by phone: 845 986-6684. Dr. Deb returns calls within 48 hours if you leave a message during the work week. If you don’t hear from her within that time, leave a second message; sometimes there are voicemail snafus, especially with cell phones. Be aware when you schedule that there is a 24 hour cancellation policy, which means you need to call at least a full day before your appointment if you want to cancel or reschedule to avoid a charge.

The office is usually busy, so it sometimes takes a couple of weeks to schedule an initial session. If you are in crisis and need to be seen immediately, it is probably wise to arrange more immediate care.

If you decide to schedule additional therapy sessions, they will last 45 minutes. You will find that ongoing therapy is very interactive; you will gets lots of feedback. It is helpful to bring a recording device so that you can listen to your sessions and review the material.

Dr. Deb is licensed in New York State, so if your insurance covers outpatient psychotherapy, (depending on your plan) you may be entitled to submit for reimbursement. You will be given a receipt at the end of the session; it will contain all the provider information your insurance company needs to process a claim. If you need additional information, forms or reports for reimbursement, arrangements can be made.

Prospective clients find that it is useful to investigate their insurance coverage before making an initial appointment. That way, they know what therapy will cost and can plan treatment accordingly.

If you don’t have coverage for ongoing treatment, consider a powerful one-session consultation or a time-limited arrangement. Focused therapy with a perceptive and highly effective clinician can often be of enormous value.

Please fill out the informed consent form and bring it with you to your consulation.